About My Blog

I call my weblog A Lighthouse. Please note, I did not call it THE Lighthouse. My intention was to cast light on some ideas, share information with school leaders, and offer guidance for school systems. I did not intended to suggest this weblog is a definitive guide in any way.

My early posts surround moving  a school system from traditional instruction to pedagogy supported by one-to-one technology instruction, i.e., a device for every student. My school was not the first to do this, but we were among the early implementers. Following the examples of the pioneers, I tried to expand on their work and record ideas, purposes, and practices for other schools soon to follow. Some individuals and schools have found these posts helpful and have used them to guide some of their technology integration efforts.

After my initial posts on this weblog, I began to focus more on instructional leadership and school administration in an age of high tech.

I hope you find this weblog informative. Feel free to respond with your comments.

(By the way, in case you are interested and not familiar with it, the lighthouse in the photograph above in this blog is the Split Rock Lighthouse located on the North Shore of Lake Superior here in Minnesota.)

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